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Amber is a word that means fossilized resin. So that’s okay, but I’m not very attached to it as a name. I like to go by my last name: Dilabbio. It’s like diablo, but not really.

It was originally “Delabbio”, which is Italian, but the meaning wasn’t passed down. Del means “of”, but abbio I’m not sure. I’m thinking it’s similar to avvio, which means “start” or “launch”. These days, it’s the word to use when you start a computer. 👍

Also, if you put “dell avvio” into Google Translate, you (may) get the translation “of the boot.” It’s probably boot as in boot up the system. Still, I was drinking Powerade when I discovered this and a little bit of it came out my nose.

Fossilized Resin of the Boot

That’s me!

Anyway, I’m a messy writer. Truly. I have a hundred projects on the go. Trying to focus on a few of them. Failing. You should see my OneNote dashboard. Notebooks as far as the mouse can scroll.

This site is still under development. I’d love your feedback. If you have any thoughts, any at all please visit the contact to get in touch.

Or tweet me or something. I’m starting to understand the magic of Twitter.

More About Me

Really? You’re reading this? Shucks. Okay. You’re very nice. I hope. Here are some of my more personal blog posts: Tag: About the Author

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