Rather than write today I’m going to spend three hours picking a font for my website

New year, new font—or maybe not?

I’m pretty much set on Roboto as my body font, but I need a nice title/h1 font, something readable but kind of fancy but something I can live with for a while. It’s tricky, isn’t it?

I’ve picked from Google Fonts because they’re really easy to implement and download, they’re all open source, and they’re frankly frigging beautiful. There’s a decent selection to choose from, but not so many that it’s overwhelming. I like how everything’s categorized on that site too, I just wish you were able to search the font descriptions/keywords as well as the titles.

Anyway, here are the main contenders for my new title font:

Cinzel Decorative

Writing says Sweet fock this font is magical
Designer: Natanael Gama

Look at that. Stare at it. Breathe it in. Cinzel Deorative is the prettiest heading font ever. It’s crisp, sexy, and it goes with everything. The main and kind of huge downside is that it’s ALL IN CAPS. I mean, you can see the difference between the capital and lowercase letters, but it’s still not ideal. It’s also perhaps a little fancy to represent my more gritty writing. I think it’s a font that should probably be used more rarely than I would be using it in this case.


Writing says I don't know where you came from but I love you
Designer: Impallari Type

Milonga is more of an artsy font, and it’s inspiration is interesting if you want to give the “About” section a read on Google. The serifs are fun, but still easy to read. It may be a little too pretty. It’s breaking some rules and I like it, but I’m not sure it’s for me, if that makes sense.


Designer: Multiple Designers (Matt McInerney, Pablo Impallari, Rodrigo Fuenzalida, Igino Marini)

Raleway is what I’m using at the time I’m writing this post. This font is just cool. I think I’m mostly in love with the w’s (can you tell?) and I like how the lowercase letters are reaching for the top in this one. I’m leaning towards serif fonts for my titles but Raleway is just so nice. Simple, elegant, plus it’s popular enough that a lot of people will already have downloaded it in their browser, so that’s less to load when they get to my site.


Writing says La la la la la la oh yeah this one’s musical too
Designer: Gayaneh Bagdasaryan for Brownfox

Simonetta is a little fancy, but not as whimsical as Milonga I think. I really like how sharp the serifs are and with the varying letter heights I’m getting sort of musical vibes from it. It’s also very “writerly”, isn’t it?

And finally:

Reenie Beanie

Writing says Why that’s a messy writer font right there!
Designer: James Grieshaber

Reenie Beanie is hard to read so I think it’s going to be a no, but I still REALLY like it. It kind of steals the show visually and could contribute to a “busy” looking website, but if I keep everything else simple this could be a really nice accent. Also, the description for it includes something I quite like: “With a little imagination, Reenie Beanie could be used to represent the scribbling of a mad scientist, or the recipes of a genius chef.”

Then there’s this . . .

Messy writing says Ma Font
I don’t think I should try typography.
PS, I’ve been listening to “Boom Boom Tap” by The Prodigy

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