When a writer procrastinates (i.e. this blog is filler)

Nothing special this week, nothing fresh. I’m posting anyway because I made a commitment to post every week this year, but I’ve been too busy to think this one through and as I’m writing this sentence I have no idea what the rest of it is going to be about. Call it a filler post. I do, however, have big plans for next week.

I know!

I’ll talk about procrastination in a totally non-ironic way

Writing is my go-to task when I need to do other things—be it housework, homework, or basically anything that doesn’t thrill me but still needs to get done. I love writing, and it feels productive, so I don’t feel as bad about the overflowing hamper on a Sunday….

Writing thrills me, but sometimes, what I need to or should write becomes that onerous task I want to avoid. And my favourite way to procrastinate when I’m writing is to write something else. So if I commit myself to writing something, like certain blog posts (yes, I have a list), I’m definitely going to screw that up by writing things that I probably can’t even post.

Even when it comes to big writing projects, I’m super organized (post about that is comings soon) and it’s way too easy for me to switch from one project to another. For example, I’ve written the first book in my “primary” writing project. I even revised it, several times, which is huge for me. I got through 50k words of the sequel during #NaNoWriMo2018. It’s bigger than anything else I’ve written. It’s where my attention should be, getting that first book edited, writing the sequels, publishing… somewhere.

Instead, I’m completely derailing onto this new high fantasy project that’s basically been haunting my dreams. What can you do?

Coming soon: Actual, fictional, messy writing

No drawing this week, but here’s my latest site banner. Click it for a high-res image, zoom in to read the random excerpts.

messy writing
Messy Writing

I will say, I’m working on cleaning up some fiction to post here, since that’s what I purportedly write and so far I’ve just been posting sweet fuck all on this blog. There’s one fantasy project I like to pick at every now and then, but it’s big and I can’t really picture it in a commercial format. At least if I plan to post a chapter a month or more, I’ll have more content to post and posts like this one won’t happen as often.

I say that now….

PS, I’ve been listening to “0” by arai tasuku and Itaru Baba (look at that wicked album art!).

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